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Union Trusts that are responsible for providing group health benefit plans for their Members stand to significantly benefit from utilizing the medical management programs and services offered by Optimal Health Group. These value added programs and services are designed to support the goals and objectives of the individual Trust while managing health services so as to provide optimal care for the employee and their families.

Implementation of these services will reduce reinsurance and health care costs for the Trust while improving the quality of care received by the enrollee. Optimal Health Group principals have documented track records for high quality, cost-effective management of health care benefits and services for self-funded, indemnity, PPO and HMO health benefit plans. 

In virtually all instances, the reduction in health care costs would at a minimum equal the cost of the medical management programs. Optimal Health Group will entertain risk arrangements which would guarantee the Trust savings equal to the cost of administering the program while allowing Optimal Health Group to share in the savings beyond those costs.

Optimal Health Group has the versatility and flexibility to customize a medical management program to meet the requirements of each Trust. These programs and services are provided on behalf of the Trust and are transparent to the enrollee. We also are dedicated to working in a congenial, collaborative manner with all involved parties to achieve the desired outcomes.

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